Sunday, 26 April 2015

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Michael Kors2015 autumn and in local time in New York on February 18 release, you figure happens to be Chinese New Year's Eve of time. People drink and a laugh in the country, when New York staged an inquiry in the end, "how to wear is gorgeous?" Visual gluttonous dinner. 
Magic one: a woman wearing a mink is no longer the exclusive Northeast 
There is a piece, said: "Northeast women only and is not divided mink mink." Of course, this is just a joke, Cheap Michael Kors fur will also be moved to the top of the magnificent dome of the T station. Sweaters and lace skirt out mink or fox, fresh cut so gorgeous fur coat proudly dominate the battlefield again.


Magic 2: Do not forget themselves knit line of work  
Earth colors of this season, the Michael Kors knitting skills are best at its head. Shades of beige, white, brown, woven from the young artists belonging to the autumn season. Some critics said:. "Some styles this season Michael Kors is a classic fashion editor of the necessary funds," perhaps in the spring and summer of 2016 show off, you can see the fashion editor who these clothes. 
Magic 3: The most amazing is the finale of a hard dish 
Perhaps we wait for dinner, that is to last a very complex but feel festive finale dishes. On the soft satin shining most affectionate tenderness, Michael kors Bags UK in the show's final, gentle very feminine dress, the atmosphere and the opposition before the woman. 

Magic four: wide leg pants white shirt never give back to the stage 
Wide leg pants 30s return to the stage, the girls loved gospel pants up. Whether the T station to go long, white shirt always your heart Moonlight.

Magic five: bags shoes all income 
What took so many New Year's money to do it? Of course, more fun, buy a bag. Quartet tough shape, with a strong retro flavor Flats, who said there is no place to defeat the point of the little gold?

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Michael Kors stock performance unsatisfactory. As of April 13, Michael Kors's stock fell 26.4%. Morgan Stanley analyst Michael Kors will be removed from the "ideal investment list". In recent years, benefiting from the best-selling handbags and watches, Michael Kors stock has been strong. But recently slowed its growth, the company is not optimistic about the prospects for the future. Michael Kors in the end, where is the problem? "It's been in their pursuit of popular, particularly want to be accepted some affluent young consumers." Industry expert Robin Lewis this analysis on his blog. Cheap Michael Kors Lewis Michael Kors will put them together with Tommy Hilfiger, which in 1990 reached its peak around brand development.Michael Kors has been positioned as an ambitious brand, it is a "luxury light" on behalf of the brand, those who seek professional, rational and metropolitan feel consumers would be willing to dig into their pockets for it. But after everyone has an MK bag, the first batch of customers it has left a large number of new customers (faceless, fashion and instead pursue the original spirit of the brand) to redefine the meaning of the brand.

Michael Kors 2015 Winter Fashion Show on February 18, 2015 issued in New York. Michael Kors grasp Michael kors Bags UK of the new series of autumn and winter just right: not a trace of ornate decoration, the brand has always stick with the optimism of American style. Fur single product multiple times in this week's show on stage, but this is Kors years forte. He supermodel Natasha Poly gradient stripes wearing fox fur coat, for example, to the younger generation who best demonstrates fur handling.

 Such a case does not only occur in Michael Kors body, then the same is true of Burberry. Iconic checkered pattern is a replica of the streets of reuse, Michael Kors Outlet Online the brand recognition worthless. Finally, Burberry abandon all stripes, only in some places unnoticed use it. Michael Kors shop, whether they are dealers or retail channels online, stores all over the world, it is also in the permanent shops Outlets. As a light-luxury brand, this company is not a question, and consumers too close a distance, but did not launch a more powerful product line. Worse, in the last year, Mickael Kors often been accused of plagiarism.

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Those are big coffee fashion circles, changing bag also diligent than the dress, if 2015 is the most popular bags which brand? I look a bit related news, Michael Kors Outlet Online  to the number of the most popular, and even Miranda, can children and other stars are a big fan of it. It should be said MK is a star Queen Bags, by many large coffee sought after fashion, fashion's first card.
Today we come to talk about Michael kors Bags UK  brand story, so many love fashion, love bags MK female friends can understand the history, but also allows us to interpret a different MK. Michael kors founded in 1981, located in New York, is based on the life of the same name as the name of the designer brand names. 30 years of history of precipitation, MK foundation for the market, but also allow consumers familiar with the brand slowly, thus becoming a leader in fashion circles.
MK will always know what the girls think? Always grasp the consumer's mind, so that the beauty of my friends have a suitable own bag, eye-catching fashion wind tide laps quickly occupied the place. In fact, like MK friends should know, MK's style has been very casual and fashion, is a typical American style, the brand of bag design as well. Colorful color, high-grade quality, simple design to meet the needs of many women. So, Cheap Michael Kors always know what girls want.
"Jet Set" is timeless - no matter when and where, each step of the confident and elegant, sexy and stylish. This is the Michael Kors brand concept. As if overnight, the designer brand from the United States will be a sudden burst of red, we will become the year's hottest brands, but also let some businesses to follow suit, but MK adhering has been imitated, never surpassed attitude proudly in fashion circles. MK stylish, practical design, affordable prices, has become the manpower necessary section of the package. Pretty Girl, simple and stylish, comfortable, dress is not about money, status, just depends on your attitude towards life, and that is Micheal Kors brand of purpose, so that more people can lingua franca MK series.